March 20, 2023

Winter Weather in St George, Utah

Unforgettable and Very Little Snow: Winter Weather in St George, Utah

Whether it is the natural, enticing surroundings, or the warm, rarely snowy weather, the winter weather in St George, Utah is your best friend. When ice cold temperatures hit most of the Northern US, it’s as if St George is a well-protected city with anti-bad weather shields; it will be sunny, relatively warm and dry!

Characteristically, precipitation during December and January is 1.2 mm and 1.4 respectively, so if you are packing for St George, cross umbrellas and rain boots off of your list!

The Ideal Escape Destination for Winter

Those looking for alternative and admittedly warmer inland vacation, most often than not, choose St George. It’s after all expected. It is spring-like, with greenery timidly starting to show and flowers blossoming — illogical as it might sound it’s (luckily) true. Winter weather in St George, Utah has in fact, nothing wintry about it!

During the allegedly cold months of December and January, the temperature rarely falls below 50°F during the day. The only time of day you will be reminded it’s actually winter, it is during the nights, when temperature falls well below 32°F.

A lot of snowbirds from Northern Utah like to rent furnished condos in St. George for the winter.

Winter Weather in St George Utah

Winter Activities in the City

Have you ever lustily pondered on the idea of playing golf mid January, or gathering your whole family at the nearest park and just playing around for the sake of it? Well, winter weather in St George, Utah is great when it comes to outdoors activities. Average snowfall doesn’t exceed 3.4” in January and 1.5” in December; so it wouldn’t be an issue if you left your boots at home!

Poor Northern Utah and nearby states, inundate St George during winter for a change of scenery and for the extended list of activities available due to snow’s total absence and relatively warm weather; the highest recorded temperature for January was 72?F and for December 75?F. Additionally, average temperatures are around 50°F, so practically any outdoor activity is feasible!

Wondering what the outdoors in St George look like in winter?  It’s full of snow-escaping, grinning individuals sucking in every bit of sunshine they can! Surrounded by desert, the city has an inconsequential annual precipitation of roughly 2cm. Evidently; the dry weather and low humidity levels favor activities such as:

  • Golf

People from all over the US flood St George during winter to play golf, simply because the weather allows it with its clear skies and temperate climate! Average number of rainy days during winter is 2.4 days in December, 2.7 in January and 2.8 in February!  Use this St. George golf location map here to find a course near your St. George Vacation Rental here.

Since the city knows no seasons, climbing in the extraordinary scenery of sandstone, red rocks is possible.  Mountain biking and canyoneering are two other extensively available outdoors adventures you can easily relish in during winter.

  • Camping

Winter weather in St George, Utah can also mean heading to the camping facilities. There are a lot of options with over 25 campgrounds located nearby. Pick one and experience camping from an entirely different angle!

Winter weather in St George, Utah allows for a number of activities during winter months. When everyone else is snowbound and freezing, St George is bubbling with euphoric adults and kids, experiencing winter like never before.


St. George, UT Winter Weather| Winter Weather in Saint George, Utah

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