April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in September

Weather in St George, Utah in September Still Feels Like Summer!

September might be the official onset of fall, but in St George it is still summer. Temperatures are soaring at 73?F. What’s more, with a maximum of 3 days of rain in St George, September is just another summer month. Weather in St George, Utah in September allows for a number of outdoors activities with a nature-oriented focus.

september st george weather

Are you curious to see what September feels like in St George? Let’s find out!

  • Exploring the wilderness

As temperatures are unwavering at a high average of 93?F, it’s an ideal time for exploring nature. On September 15th, you can join similar-minded, nature enthusiasts at a discovery field in the Watchman Trail and Zion Canyon. The desert climate of St George means spring no longer preserves the privilege of blossoming wild life.

As a matter of fact, the weather in St George, Utah in September is perfect for exploring the wild flora of Utah. A must-attend adventure out in the wild, it will be an eye-opening one! Remember the sun will still be sizzling hot, so prepare accordingly!

Since the average low temperature during September is 57.1?F, the weather seems suitable for yet another fun nature exploration. Whether or not you’re a geology fan, a trip to Zion will surely make you one! Zion Park during September is like a vast, treasure-hunting locale. One can delve into the many facets of wildlife and learn cultural and geological facts about exquisite Zion. If you find this adventure enticing, book early as participant numbers are limited!

  • Music and great food, what else?

An inclusive taste of nature calls for an as intense taste of culture! September has a promising cultural onset with a classic rock music performance, paying tribute to Rock and Roll women. Grab your partner (or a stranger) and let music guide your steps! The weather in St George Utah, in September, encourages new romance!

With a poor 0.59” of precipitation during September, the latter is apt for unleashing your wild side! St George this year celebrates the 78th Annual rodeo. Join thrill-seeking individuals for a strongly wild rodeo ride! With so much excitement, you will hardly pay attention to the still summery weather!

  • Film Festival

You’ve experienced the wildlife and the customs of Utah. It’s now time to delve into its culture! This September you can watch the screening at the DOCUTAH, the Southern Utah Documentary Film Festival. From September 5 to 9, immerse in internationally acclaimed documentaries, from every corner of the world.

The Film festival features works from many countries, in a number of different categories. This festival welcomes student films as well so be the first to see the work of the new generation film makers! After screenings, Q&A’s and galas follow. Afterwards, let the cooling breeze ease you into a good night’s sleep.

The mild, dry weather of St George, Utah in September has an average of 24 days with temperatures fixed well above 90 F. What better time to uninterruptedly explore the cultural, social and geological treasures of Utah! The weather in St George, Utah in September stubbornly says summer’s not over!


  1. Karl Weingartner says

    Our golf club is planning a golf trip to St George next September (probably mid month), for 8 days. Do you have the average daily temps(high and low) for each week in September? Thanks, Karl

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