March 20, 2023

Weather in St George, Utah in October

Nothing Fall-like About the Weather in St George, Utah in October!

It might be October all over the country, but summer’s still going strong here at St George! The weather in St George, Utah in October is temperate and dry. Average high and low temperatures are 80.5 °F and 45 °F, respectively. With a weather so agreeable, who’s to say summer fun is over?  Book a stay at St. George Vacation Rentals now before all the condos are taken – many weekends in October are some of the busiest of the year for St. George lodging.

October St George Utah weather

 36 Years On and Still Running

Coming October 6, the annual St George Marathon will take place. You should know in advance that this is not your average marathon. It is in fact, named one of the top 20 marathons in the USA. What’s more, it scores high in the Most Scenic Marathons by Runner’s World.

While registering for the Marathon is no longer open, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Watching the marathon is (almost) as thrilling as partaking in it! Beside, with an average October temperature at 60°F , suddenly, just watching the event doesn’t seem that bad!

October weather in St. George, Utah at a glance

For anyone who’s been here, it is expected that the weather in St George, Utah in October is relatively dry, entirely snowless and surprisingly warm:

  • Precipitation

Average rainfall for October is 0.8 inches. In sum, just three days of rain!

  • Average temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in October was a scorching 99°F. On the other extreme, the lowest temperature ever recorded was 20°F. As far as the average temperature is concerned, the weather in St George, Utah in October fluctuates around 60°F.

Seniors of the World Unite

Weather in St George, Utah in October provides the perfect background for the Huntsman world senior games. Each year, athletic competitions take place with seniors from all over the country participating. This athletic event promotes the active participation and quality lifestyle of senior citizens. Whether you have a senior in your family or not, this athletic event is a worthwhile, social activity for individuals of all ages.

Want a taste of Dixie?

October attracts many visitors because of its “Taste of Dixie” cultural festival. Of course the dry, summery weather is always another excuse for heading to St George! This community festival promotes the distinctively southern colors of Utah.

At this event you can see, taste and try virtually, everything. From local deli foods and homemade food, to local crafts and featured businesses, you are in for an all-inclusive Southern taste!

Whether on your own or with your family, you can spend an entire day wandering along booths and entertainment stalls. October weather is rarely naughty, so there is no need to worry about showers and sudden temperature slumps.

Book Festival

Each October, the Utah Humanities Book Festival takes place to satisfy all literary needs of locals and guests. This year, it is held between the 17th and 20th of October. Bookworms, prepare!

Evidently, St George is a popular destination, no matter the season. As the weather is almost always dry and temperate, social activities continue to grow to meet people’s demands! The weather in St George, Utah in October is anything but depressing. With numerous sports activities and cultural ones, you can prolong summer’s carelessness deep into November!



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