April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in November

Weather in St George, Utah in November is Anything but Cold!

When one thinks of November, images of stripped trees and paths filled with orange and yellow leaves come to mind. Knowing however, how unconventionally mild the weather in St George, Utah in November is, one doesn’t expect such a scenery here!

A quick glance at the temperatures in St George, promptly testifies how amazingly dry and temperate the weather is:

  • Temperature

The average temperature during November is at 47 degrees F, with highest and lowest temperatures reaching 65 F and 30 F respectively. It’s noteworthy that although it’s just before winter, on average, half the month has temperatures around 32 F.

  • Precipitation

Rainfall during November is equally mild; with just 0.9 inches of precipitation. For the whole month, an average of 1.6 days are characterized as rainy.

  • Snowfall

November’s snowfall is characteristically sparse to non-existent. More precisely, it is on average just 0.2 inches. Something you cannot really call wintry scenery!

Brigham Young Winter Home november weather st george

Brigham Young Winter Home

November Activities, Minus the Raincoat

As weather in St George, Utah in November is so mild and unbelievably dry, one can engage in outdoor activities easily. Worthwhile events during November are aplenty, but one draws people’s attention – The Red Rock Film Festival.

Held from November 8 to November 11, this festival has screenings from around the world, as well as some commendable premieres! It will be a welcoming festival where people can easily meet up and chat with film makers. Workshops and master classes will also be available, making the whole Festival experience more accessible to the public.

The weather in St George, Utah in November is positively ideal for educational excursions to the abundant monuments and museums of St. George. There are extra points if you and your family visit St George between the 10th and 12th of November. During these days, admissions will be free!  As the weather is dry and not shockingly cold you can explore, here are places that you can visit:

Trademark monument of St George, this monument was built with local red sandstone and today comes to represent the perseverance and faith of LDS pioneers.

The Mormon leader who brought St George into existence, acquired a winter residence here, at his first steps of introducing the Church of Christ to Utah. Just like its modern day residents, he opted for this city, in view of its snowless, temperate winters.

This preserved ghost town is situated next to Zion National Park. Visit it now and get the real Halloween experience! Must look at places are the well-standing old school and cemetery.

This whole-town monument wraps up the top 3 must-see historic sites of St George. As the weather in St George, Utah in November sparingly has rain, let alone snow, history exploration is a must!

St George gives its guests something no other American city can give; good weather and welcoming faces. The pleasant, dry winter weather is not the only thing St George is proud of. Its people, young and old, are always keen to make you feel at home.

A visit to St George is always a memorable one, especially if it’s in winter.  The weather in St George, Utah in November is enough of a worthwhile experience itself! Come and see for yourself!


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