April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in May

Pool-time Weather in St George, Utah in May

May Average high temperature: 86.3 degrees Fahrenheit; 30.2 degrees Celsius

May Median low temperature: 52.5 F; 11.4 C

May Average rain: 0.4 inches; 1 cm

May Average snow: 0 inches; 0 cm

When in cities around the country spring is only modestly appearing, in St George it feels like summer already. With an average high temperature of 83.6 degrees F, you readily understand that summer’s here to stay! Weather in St George, Utah in May is rarely rainy; average rainfall is just 0.4”.

The mild, arid weather is the main attraction of St George and this fact doesn’t go unnoticed. People all over the country come here to warm up under a sky that is rarely hidden behind clouds. In fact, last year St George was in the top ten destinations for retiring Americans mainly because of its  favorable weather conditions. Oddly enough however, the average age in St George is a low, 29.6. Now, figure that out!

May Hiking in St George at Bryce Canyon

May Hiking in St George at Bryce Canyon

Things to do in a sunny, cheerful weather

Depending on age, each individual will logically have different expectations and demands from a visit at St George. What everyone will unanimously experience is dry weather; temperatures are around 67 F and rainy days are no more than 3!

The weather in St George, Utah in May lends itself to a number of relaxation-focused activities. St George has copious spas and resorts like Las Palmas at Green Valley. These offer a far-reaching range of experiences and activities to satisfy the whole family. It’s difficult to choose, so to help you a little, pick one which features many outdoors activities.

With such an appealing weather, you won’t be able to stay indoors long. No matter how exquisite that massage is, you will be longing to go outside! First-class golfing is available at many top-notch courses like Entrada resort golf course (Entrada vacation rentals) and Sand Hollow golf course (Sand Hollow vacation rentals). With an amazing 11 whole days, with temperatures above 32 F, it is highly likely that you’ll spend your days under the sunshine.

Ironman St George

One of the biggest events held annually in St George is the Ironman triathlon. Wondering why St George is so popular as a venue for Ironman? Just think of all those breathtaking vistas beautifully enveloping each race!

Next year’s race will be a 70.3. Since the weather will be all dry and warm, the Ironman makes for a perfect family event.

Whether you choose to see the 1.2 mile swim, or the 56-mile bike part, the awe-inspiring scenery will be breathtaking. Prepare to be amazed!

Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site

Spring weather and especially the weather in St George, Utah in May  lends itself for some old-style family adventure. Pack your bags (don’t forget your kids) and head straight to Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site. This dinosaur park features a unique collection of fossilized dinosaur footprints and bones. Make believe you’re in Jurassic Park and have fun tracing down preserved tracks of dinosaurs!

It doesn’t really matter what type of activity you will be attending this May. If you go to St George, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.  When average May temperatures hit the 70 F, you know the weather has already shaped your decision. Weather in St George, Utah in May enables you to have enjoyable outdoors activities no matter your age and preferences.

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