April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in March

Weather in St George, Utah in March Makes for a Perfect Educational Trip!

March Average high temperature: 68.1 degrees Fahrenheit; 20.1 degrees Celsius

March Median low temperature: 37.4 F; 3 C

March Average rain: 1.0 inches; 2.5 cm

March Average snow: 0 inches; 0 cm

With one of the mildest and driest winters across the USA, it comes as no surprise that the weather in St George, Utah in March is so warm and dry, almost summer-like! Average high temperature for March is at 68.1  degrees F, whereas the average low temperature for the same month is not-so-cold, at a high 37.4 degrees F.

Before any other place in the US, spring always visits St George first. Rainfall during March rarely exceeds the average 1” of precipitation. More importantly, March has an astounding average score of 0” when it comes to snowfall. It’s not an overstatement then that spring is already settled in by early March!

What people then do, with such a lovely weather?

March is an apt month for excursions since less than 1/3 of March has temperatures below 32 F. Friendly advice – book for an extended stay in St George; with such a dry, sunny weather, you’ll hardy find the time to do it all!

If what you are looking for is outdoor activities you’ve come to the right place. For bike enthusiasts for instance, every March St George hosts the Red Rock Desert Rampage. This is a pro mountain bike competition, hosted annually. The weather in St George, Utah in March makes the city the perfect venue for it.

The weather is almost always nice in March, so expect a great race, whether you’re partaking or just simply watching the race. Overall, 2.5 days on average are rainy during March, so the chances of the race being held in rain are rather small. Don’t blame us if you fall deeply in love with the weather in St George, Utah in March!

Plane Parked at Old St. George Airport

Plane Parked at Old St. George Airport

A little less adventure, a little more education

Not everyone is an adventure-addict and many are those who after a long, dark winter seek a peaceful retreat to charge up their batteries. Fortunately, St George is so versatile and multifaceted that it covers everyone’s needs. As a matter of fact, the mild, almost warm weather in St George, Utah in March allows you to experience dreamily sunny, warm days.

For a laid-back and low-paced vacation, there are numerous places you could visit. Wear comfortable shoes and a light jacket and explore an enlightening educational adventure. Mind you, on average just 5 out of the 31 days are expected to be rainy, an admittedly excursion-favorable weather.

Pine Valley Chapel

Built in 1868 by a shipbuilder, this Chapel’s interior resembles an over-turned ship. Admire its pioneering architecture and attempt climbing its winding staircase. The artifacts exhibition will generously reward you!

St. George Temple

Built in 1877, is one of the oldest temples still in operation to this day. This majestic, white temple is in a prominent location and it can be seen and admired from most places in St George. And since no rain and clouds will be obscuring your sight, you can sit back and marvel at this breathtaking monument.

Weather in St George, Utah in March is broadly known for its dry, sunny days. In fact, March has a record high temperature of 91 degrees F. Come to St George to take in precious sun, relax and engage in a wide spectrum of adrenaline-boosting activities. Forget all about snow and rain, here it’s summer already.



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