April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in January

Sunny Weather in St George, Utah in January

Naturally, you’ve grown accustomed to snowbound, cold scenery during winter, but the weather in St George, Utah in January, hardly meets your average winter expectations. St George in January has 1.1’’ precipitation and the average temperature is surprisingly un-wintry; at  just 40.3 degrees F.

What about snow I hear you ask? The estimate of snowfall-filled days doesn’t exceed the 3.4 days on average. To add, the average number of rainy days during January is a weak 2.7. According to such weather facts, you’ll soon come to realize the appeal St George has, for snow-haters and winter-abhorrers.

St. George golf courses are even open in January.

Snowless January calls for non-wintry activities

It’s midst of winter, yet the long blanket of greenery right underneath the red mountains is still very discernible. The weather in St George, Utah in January is sunny as it is, with an average high temperature reaching up to 53.5 degrees F. One can easily see the reason why snowbirds ecstatically flow to St George during winter!

January St George Utah Weather

So what an average January day in sunny St George looks like?

The admittedly pleasant, dry weather is ideal for bird-watching lovers; the Tenth Annual Winter Bird Festival will take place in January 2013 . St George takes pride in its astonishingly long list of bird species and the gorgeous, dry weather, making bird counting and bird watching a breeze!

With an average of 5 days of rainfall during January, it is almost certain that you’ll be able to engage in a number of fun, informative activities and seminars. Expect fun field trips to nearby Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, where you and your friends will get to enjoy sunny days  and feel closer to nature than ever.

Often, St George serves as a resting base for tourists wishing to visit nearby attractions such as the Pine Valley Mountains located 38 miles north of St George, and the Snow Canyon State Park, which is just 10 miles to the northwest. With average low temperatures just about 29?F, trips to and from St George will be smoothly carried out.

Unforgettable balloon rides

Hot Air Balloon in St. George UtahWith an eye-catching landscape of the green wilderness right at the feet of red cliffs, and the weather always on your side, balloon rides seem at once alarmingly unfitting, yet such a normal thing to do in winter at St George! If anything, thank the great weather in St George, Utah in January for making such activities possible.

Balloon rides are offered to locals and visitors alike, 365 days a year, given the up to 300 sunshine-filled days. With January being such a ‘gentleman’ generously offering as high temperatures as 72 degrees F, you can have out-of-the-ordinary winter experiences exclusively in St George.

Hot air balloon rides offer an extensive range of services – sunrise and sunset rides, romantic balloon flights and wedding proposal, even group flights that can accommodate (really) big families!

With such dry and relatively warm winter weather, you can enjoy a variety of activities, otherwise impossible in the rest of the US. The weather in St George, Utah in January calls for adventure, a little bit of education and great amounts of fun! Do something unconventional this January. Visit St George and be amazed by the dry, temperate weather and the sunny clear skies!

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