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Weather in St George, Utah in February

Weather in St George, Utah in February Announces an Early Spring!

Feb. Average high temperature: 60.5 degrees Fahrenheit; 15.8 degrees Celsius

Feb. Median low temperature: 31.7 F; -0.2 C

Feb. Average rain: 0.97 inches; 2.5 cm

Feb. Average snow: 0.6 inches; 1.5 cm

People often experience discomfort and stress due to the frustratingly long nights and short winter days. On top of that, we also have pouring rain and home-bound families due to heavy snowfall. This makes people feel utter exasperation, longing for sunny spring days. Weather in St George, Utah in February, however will change your perception of winter once and for all.

In St George, real winter might or might not last more than 4 days. Routinely, February has the lowest average temperature at 33 degrees F, while its record high temperature was an incredibly warm day of 84 degrees F! The main characteristic of weather in St George, Utah in February weather is not however the absence of snow, with an average 1.4” of snow, but its bright, heart-warming days.

February Rock Climbing in St George

February Rock Climbing in St George, Utah

The inviting outdoors lie ahead

St George is one of the top winter destinations for those who find winter unbearable and depressing. Instead of spending little fortunes going to southern and warmer places, smart individuals simply head to St George. With precipitation wasting no more than 2.7 of your days during February, the rest is all yours to spend outside!

Weather in St George, Utah in February means umbrellas and raincoats are redundant, while fur coats and leather gloves are optional, since sunny days outnumber the rainy, cold ones! Actually, put on your adventure outfit and head straight to Zion National Park; from hiking, rappelling, rock climbing and canyoneering, your options are infinite.

Get an early taste of spring and a hearty mouthful of adventure in the middle of winter right here in St George. Since the weather in St George, Utah in February is so lenient and forgiving; you are bound to have a pleasant, weather-uninterrupted adventure.

Don’t worry if you are a first-timer or inexperienced sport enthusiast. Many services offer courses or instructors to follow you along your adventure, ensuring you are safe. But even if there is some rainfall, it won’t bother you for long, let alone ruin your adventure. This is because on average, February only has 1.4” of precipitation. The weather here is simply too mild to be threatening!

Must-attend events held in February

february st george parade of homes

February St George Parade of Homes

Deciding to come to St George during winter means just one thing; staying indoors is strongly prohibited.  With dry weather and pleasant winter temperatures (February’s average high temperature is 61 degrees F), staying indoors is a waste of great weather!

An exciting event takes place annually in February called the St. George Parade of Homes. In February 2013, it will be the 23rd year of hosting this unparalleled event in St George. Whether you are a prospective resident or just an architecture and design lover, taking this tour is a unique, enlightening experience. Since you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your tour, indulge your senses and feast your eyes on the latest, groundbreaking trends in the house design industry.

Another must-attend event in February is a field trip around local ponds and varied habitats of St George. This is a nature-worshiping activity, bound to be liked by everyone, regardless of their love for nature. Soak in sun and indulge your ears with melodious songbirds and marvel at unique duck and goose species exclusively found at St George.

Whatever activity you wish to engage in during February, one thing is certain, the weather in St George, Utah in February is ideal for ditching the winter blues and getting a vigorous taste of spring.


Weather in St George, Utah in February| Feb Saint George UT Weather

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