April 12, 2024

Weather in St George, Utah in December

Weather in St George, Utah in December Might be Snowless But It’s Fun-Filled!

The story goes like this, the weather in St George, Utah in December is everything but wintry. The average temperature during December is at 39 degrees F. In addition, the highest and lowest averages are 54 F and 24 F respectively.

Snow? What snow? Average snowfall in December is 1.9 inches. Hence, no snow-covered houses and snow-bound families here! Precipitation during December is  1.2 inches. Rainy days on average are  just 2.4 days!

Having a look at these weather stats, one reckons the  sweet retaliation winter haters can have by choosing St George as their winter holiday spot. As temperatures are unusually high and rain rarely falls from the sky, St George becomes a little winter-haters refuge.

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Dec St George Utah winter weather

So what do you do in a city that (almost) never snows?

December Adventures: Skiing Not Included!

If you are a winter sports enthusiasts, your needs will be satisfied. 80 miles northeast of St George you can access Brain Head Resort. It offers premium services and its one of the most family-friendly winter resorts of the South.

We’re guessing however, that you won’t be  coming for the winter weather in St George, Utah in December! St George makes for the perfect holiday place, for people obsessively in love with sun and summer. St George is a popular winter getaway for people wishing to escape winter blues and snow, in a welcoming place nearby.

Due to its dry, snowless winter, activities never really stop at spring here at St George. This is unlike a lot of cities that turn into some sort of white ghost town at the turn of winter because people are snowed-in. That’s not the case in St George. Here are things that you can do during the winter:

Winter Photography at Zion

At this time of year, Zion has a few visitors, which makes it perfect for photography lovers to set their talents free. Get great advice from Michael Plyler on how to better encapsulate nature’s beauty and the intrinsic southwestern mystery colors.

Twilight to Midnight

This is a one of its kind cultural event. Held annually on New Year’s Eve, this holiday custom celebrates the passage of time through a series of art events.

At this family-friendly event, one can enjoy visual installations, performance artists and music happenings. An alternative New Year’s Celebration, it is definitely a worthwhile experience. This artistic approach to New Year’s is maximized by the always unconventional weather in St George, Utah in December!

Choosing to visit St George in December is bound to be an unforgettable experience. People accustomed to snowbound cities won’t have a hard time getting used to the lovely, snowless weather here at St George.

The weather in St George, Utah in December is an apt excuse for getting out of your winter fur coats. Wear something light and head to a place where winter has an entirely different meaning!


Weather in St George, Utah in December| Dec Saint George, UT Weather

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