March 20, 2023

Summer Weather in St George, Utah

Summer Weather in St George, Utah: Hot, But Still a Good Time for the Perfect Vacation

With a subtropical, warm climate year-round, St George is unanimously the top destination for summer vacation. Average summer temperatures are around 100 °F and with virtually no rain (average precipitation for July is 0.8mm); it is ideal for intense summer sports and worthwhile festivals and other cultural events.

st george summer golf weather

A Summer Crammed with Sports

Be it golf, hiking or baseball, spending summer time in St George is surely going to be an athletic one! Summer weather in St George, Utah makes the city the ideal vacation spot and the ultimate sports activities place.

Agreeable, warm weather is almost guaranteed, with average temperatures for summer months being; 96 F, 101 F and 99 F for June, July and August, respectively. So, gather up your friends and sports equipment and delve into a plethora of sports and activities.

Participate in men’s and women’s tennis leagues take part in the adrenaline-packed OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) season and enjoy the warm, dry weather. For more conventional, yet equally exciting recreational activities, hit the Baker Reservoir, or the Duck Creek Pond for fishing; the weather makes it perfect for sun bathing and leisure walks by (and on) the lakes!

Golf is always a favorite in St. George, even in the summer. So read St. George golf course reviews now and pick your course.

Music, Art and Romance

Remember the old good times of music, by attending this year’s Flipside 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll. Time to re-experience the innocent 50’s and hippie 60’s this June at this memorable music show. Make sure you put on the Three S’s; your most airy sundress, sandals and of course, sunscreen.

For more romantic, yet still artful activities, you can hit the Starry Starry Nights, produced by St George’s Art Museum.  There is really no better time than the one summer weather in St George, Utah offers for new romance and for rekindling old ones!

For theater lovers, make sure not to miss 2012 Shakespeare Theater Festival, starting June, 21st. The cool, night, summer weather in St George, Utah is perfect for outdoors movies taking place on Fridays throughout the summer. Bring a blanket and some comfy pillows and enjoy clear blue skies and marvel at myriads of stars looking at you.

Get in Touch with Nature

For young lovers of nature, St George offers day-long camps for children up to 10 years of age. Since the weather will be warm and sunny, as usual, you will not have to worry about their safety. In fact, the lowest recorded temperatures during summer were: 57?F, 65?F and 63?F for summer months!

Thus, just let them get acquainted and enticed by the mystery and miracle we call nature in a thoroughly instructive and exciting activities-packed day at Tonaquint Nature Center Camp. Alternatively, the dry weather favors long walks at the Smithsonian Butte Backway, or the Warner Valley Scenic Backway, for exquisite landscapes and blissful walks, always under the heart-warming sun.

St George is among the top choices for tourists wishing to experience the real, wild aspect of the US and enjoy at the same time, idyllic scenery and top-notch summer weather. With temperatures, hot enough to be pleasant; it allows for creating unforgettable summer memories. St George can be enjoyed literally any time of the year. Summer weather in St George Utah, is the perfect time for an outstanding holiday.

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