March 20, 2023

St George Utah Weather Forecast

Staying Updated with St George Utah Weather Forecast

If there’s a place on Earth that makes weather forecasts redundant, that is rightfully St George! One doesn’t need to be a meteorologist to tell the weather at such a weather-predictable city. In fact, a St George Utah weather forecast has over 300 out of 365 chances to be sunny and dry. So, you do the math!

  • St George Utah weather forecast for winter

Weather is generous when it comes to sunshine, but stingy when it comes to snow. For instance, January has average temperature 38?F and just 3.4 inches snowfall. What’s more, February has 2.8 days of rainfall and December, a mere 2.4.

To get a picture of how wintry St George is, on average winter has just 14 rainy days! Also, snowfall for all three months is 6.1 inches. You realize that this is not your average winter sports destination.

People in fact, come to St George to get some sunshine. When everywhere else is snowy and cold, here it is mild and snowless! St george oct weather forecast

  • Spring St George Utah weather forecast

The same pretty much applies to St. George Utah weather forecast for spring. Most days are arid and warm, with temperatures on average easily reaching 59?F in April and 67?F in May.

Overall, just 12 days of spring are dedicated to spring showers. The rest are obsessively dedicated to crystal clear skies!

The warm, sunny spring forecast translates into increased outdoor activity. Additionally, spring is conventionally the time when visitors deluge the city. You see, the summery ambience offered here so prematurely attracts summer lovers from all over the country!

  • Summer weather conditions

The weather in St. George is by definition dry and temperate. During summer however, it becomes a hot holiday destination. Average temperatures surge during summer. June has 76?F, July 83?F and August 81?F.

You need not be a magician to know St George’s forecast! It’s dry and sizzling hot. When planning to visit St George during summer, you only need one thing, sunscreen and plenty of it. With 4.6 days of rain for the whole 92 days, you can really see why.

  • Fall-ling in love with the weather

Why? Because it’s sunny! For those hopelessly in love with summer, St George might be their cure. High temperatures, low humidity levels and cool breezy nights are not exclusive to summer.

5.3 days is the average number of rainy days St. George gets. The rest are sunny, pleasantly warm and completely dry! With average temperature, typically at 73?F for September and 60?F for October, fall is as summery, as it could be!

No more blue Septembers, whining about the brevity of summer. In St George, summer is indefinitely present! One can now easily see how a St George Utah weather forecast is a contradiction in terms. Most days here are sunny, dry and warm. Irrespectively of season, one doesn’t need a forecast to know the weather conditions. Tourists appreciate this fact and it shows in the numbers of tourists that fly in. They know what to expect when it comes to weather and this can help them plan accordingly.

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