March 20, 2023

St George Utah Annual Weather

St George Utah Annual Weather Looks Dry and Sunny!

It’s not difficult to calculate annual weather when it comes to St George. In a city where more than 90% of days are full of sunshine, the numbers can’t be hard to figure out! St George Utah annual weather is principally dry, snowless and sunny.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 54° 60° 67° 76° 86° 96° 102° 98° 92° 80° 64° 54°
Avg. Low 27° 32° 37° 44° 54° 61° 68° 66° 57° 45° 35° 27°
Mean 41° 47° 54° 61° 70° 78° 86° 84° 75° 64° 50° 41°
Avg. Precip. 1.1 in 0.9 in 1.1 in 0.5 in 0.4 in 0.3 in 0.6 in 0.8 in 0.5 in 0.5 in 0.9 in 0.7 in

Seasons here are not as distinguishable, as most days have mild temperatures. Even winter is surprisingly warm in relation to any other place on the planet.

  • Winter St George, UT Weather

During winter months, less than 10 days are rainy. With a cumulative rainfall of less than 6 inches, January has 1.4 inches of precipitation. Annually, the city on average gets a low 12.3 inches of rain.

February has on average just 5 days of rain. Annually precipitation is 45 days. When the annual average temperature for St George is 60?F, in December it is 39?F.

Snowfall yearly is just about 8.5 inches. With January scoring a disenchanting 3.4 inches of snow! If you hate snow, you know where to go – sunny St George. st george utah weather prediction

  • Spring St George Weather

During the spring trimester, just 5 days out of the 92 are rainy. In sum, the average rainfall for spring is 3.1 inches. April is generously dry with an average of 0.9 inches of rainfall. May on the other hand, has typically temperatures at 67?F. That’s perfect if you’re looking for weather that’s not too hot, and not too cold.

Spring has on average, one single day with temperatures below 32?F!  On the other hand, average spring temperatures are at 59?F. Sunny days are the norm for spring in the city. This is why there are a lot of things that you can do here.

  • Summer St George, Utah Weather

St George Utah annual weather conditions are dry and very, very sunny. For instance, July’s typical temperature is 83?F, when the annual average temperature is 60?F!

For the whole 92 summer days, rainfall is 2.2 inches and in sum, 10 out of 92 days are rainy. August has average temperature at 81?F and July at 83?F.  So expect dry, hot days at St George. The average summer temperature is a sizzling hot 80?F!

  • Fall St George Weather

Not much changes here at St George when fall takes over.  Average temperature for fall is 60?F. Characteristically, average temperature for October is also 60?F and for November at 47?F. This explains why St George Utah annual weather conditions are so arid.

St George is not generous with fall rain. On average, fall has just 1.8 inches of rainfall. When annual precipitation does not exceed the 12.3 inches of rain, in September it is just 0.8 inches. Fall in St George is traditionally dry and warm.  For the whole season just 1.7 days on average are rainy. Now, imagine that!

With scant to no snowfall and occasional rainfall, St George’s weather is mostly dry and full of sunshine. St George has been called an outdoor activities haven for a reason.

When in other places in the U.S it pours rain and snow, here it is dry and warm! St George Utah annual weather makes St George an ideal holiday destination year-round. Pack light and head straight to a rain-proof city!


  1. how many winter days are 32 or less degrees in St. George

  2. That average 102 high in July is just that – an average. A high of 115 this past summer and it can easily by 105 -110 for a week or more at a time! Year-round is o.k., just remember to get in your activities in the early morning hours. Around 5 p.m. is the hottest part of the day and it may hover close to 100 well into the evening. A midnight walk might be 95 – 100..

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