March 20, 2023

St George Airport Weather

Figuring Out St George Airport Weather SGU airport weather

Booked a flight to St George? You must be thrilled, longing for the moment you set foot at this so-called sunshine haven. You packed lightly, informed people of your impending absence. The only thing missing is your knowledge of the St George airport weather forecast.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 54° 60° 67° 76° 86° 96° 102° 98° 92° 80° 64° 54°
Avg. Low 27° 32° 37° 44° 54° 61° 68° 66° 57° 45° 35° 27°
Mean 41° 47° 54° 61° 70° 78° 86° 84° 75° 64° 50° 41°
Avg. Precip. 1.1 in 0.9 in 1.1 in 0.5 in 0.4 in 0.3 in 0.6 in 0.8 in 0.5 in 0.5 in 0.9 in 0.7 in

When it comes to being updated on St George airport weather, last minute forecasts are not that necessary. With more than 300 days of sunshine here, landing at a rainy St George airport is highly unlikely!

  • Winter

To be covered weather-wise, one just need to be aware of the average weather conditions of each season. Yes, St George airport weather is that predictable!

Even if you visit St George in winter, chances are you won’t need raincoats, woolen cardigans, or umbrellas. Once your feet touch the airport grounds, expect sunshine strokes on your face. So don’t stack up on scarves and gloves, all you need is a positive attitude and some light clothing!

Average temperatures for winter are 39?F, 38?F and 44?F for December, January and February, respectively. It’s also established that 6.7 days of rain is the average rainy days in St George during the winter. Better leave that raincoat at home!

  • Spring

SGU airport weather radarIf your trip is scheduled for spring, all you need to know about the weather is that it will be enjoyably warm and dry. St George is not used to unexpected spells of rain. It is thus almost certain that once you land, the sun will be the first thing you’ll notice!

All in all, just 5 days during spring are rainy. And don’t think pouring rain. On average, spring sees just 3.1 inches of precipitation! Routinely, St George airport weather in spring is fixedly sunny! For example, average temperature for April is 59?F and for May 67?F.

  • St George airport weather for fall

If it is fall and you’re heading to St George, there’s a 99% of the weather being sunny and dry. Temperatures during September and October are 73?F and 60?F respectively.

What’s more, light rainfall is rather improbable. Looking at average precipitation levels, September has 0.8 inches of rainfall and November, just 0.9 inches. For the entire season (only) 6.3 days will be rainy.

The possibility of snowfall is also very low. November has on average 0.2 inches of snow. While October has absolutely no snowfall!

If you choose St George for a fall visit, you most likely did so because of the weather. So there’s really no reason sweating over weather forecasts. It’s going to be sunny. Relax! It’s the reason why you want to have a vacation, right? You want to relax?

In fact, no matter when you are visiting St George, you can almost be certain that it’s going to be a landing full of sunshine! Trust us; the only thing you need to be worried about is whether the sundresses you brought along will be enough!

St George airport weather forecast is one of the most predictable ones. With mild to hardly any rainfall and a profusion of sunshine, the weather is stuck to being warm and dry!


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