March 20, 2023

Spring Weather in St George, Utah

Fully Blossomed Spring Weather in St George, Utah

For a truly sprung spring that can be seen and experienced as early as February (yes, February!), St George is your ultimate destination. Whether it is for a short weekend stay, or more extensive vacationing; it is guaranteed that spring Weather in St George, Utah will charge you batteries with playful scenery, warm weather and dry, blue skies!

Wondering how the weather is like during spring?

  • Precipitation:

For the whole 90 days of spring, only 12 on average will be rainy!

  • Spring Days with over 90?F:

Expect an average of 12 days with clear skies and incredibly warm, summer-reminiscent weather

  • Spring Showers

Forget all about squalls and thunderstorms, rain during spring is an average of 2.5 days for March and 1.1 days for May (hooray!).

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March –

March Average high temperature: 68.1 degrees Fahrenheit; 20.1 degrees Celsius

March Average low temperature: 37.4 F; 3 C

March Average rain: 1.0 inches; 2.5 cm

March Average snow: 0 inches; 0 cm

April –

April Average high temperature: 77.1 degrees Fahrenheit; 25.1 degrees Celsius

April Median low temperature: 44.2 F; 6.8 C

April Average rain: 0.47 inches; 1.2 cm

April Average snow: 0 inches; 0 cm

May –

May Average high temperature: 86.3 degrees Fahrenheit; 30.2 degrees Celsius

May Median low temperature: 52.5 F; 11.4 C

May Average rain: 0.4 inches; 1 cm

May Average snow: 0 inches; 0 cm

An unmatched spring, jam-packed with activities and fun

In St George, Utah, beating winter blues in February is a reality sought and experienced by many people who are sick and tired of snow, freezing temperatures and boundless hours spent indoors.

During spring and even late winter, the great outdoors are as inviting as ever in the city. In February for example, the temperature is already above 62?F, drastically increasing by the day, only to reach an average of 82?F in early May!

Strengthening family ties through dangerously fun activities

In St. George, you get dry, warm climate. On top of that, startling landscapes and genuinely warm people invite you to their own version of spring, filled with outdoor activities such as:

  • Swimming

With numerous first-class sports centers to choose from, your family can thoroughly enjoy swimming, both in indoors and outdoors swimming pools, for a summer foretaste! The warm weather ensures a pleasant and warm swimming experience for the whole family!

  • Softball, Baseball and Tennis

As temperatures in spring climb to 80?F, there is really no excuse not to partake in a baseball game (or two). The warm, dry weather allures you into being more active and athletic, even if this is not what you would normally do!

  • It’s All About Golf

Golf is gradually becoming a distinctive feature of St George thanks to the dry, temperate weather – ideal for golf marathon games! There is really no better time for utterly enjoying golf at the number one destination for golf year-round.

  • Amusement Parks

To ensure that no family member is left unsatisfied, visiting an amusement park is the ultimate recreation idea. With the Spring Weather in St George, Utah on your side, expect to spend a day full of fun, excitement and laughing, young faces. Your options indeed, endless; go-karts and kids karts, arcade games, leisure pools, bumper boats, golf and many more.

Feel the sun on your cheeks and prepare for a long, warm summer ahead. Don’t blame us if you find it hard leaving St George!

 Spring Education spring St George Utah

Of course, amusement centers are plentiful and are naturally, your first choice when it comes to family activities. However, it is a pity to miss on a great opportunity for family learning. Spring Weather in St George, Utah allows for across-the-board educational visits to museums, parks and important historical places.

Enjoy pleasantly warm weather on your skin and learn something along the way! We unreservedly recommend paying a visit to Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum and St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site Museum.

Spring weather in St George, Utah is the best option for extremely fun family activities and a chance to come in touch with a more outdoorsy you. Why wait?



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