March 20, 2023

Fall Weather in St George, Utah

Falling in Love with Fall Weather in St George, Utah

Anyone who has been in St George can testify how warm and just perfect, the city is, solely in view of its year-long arid, tepid weather. You can visit St George any time of the year and you won’t face any nasty weather surprises— unless there is the occasional monsoon every now and then during spring. When it comes to fall weather in St George, Utah, you don’t have to worry about it. Your stay will be unexpectedly agreeable and dry!

More precisely, average precipitation during fall is 0.8” for September, 1” for October and just 0.9” for November. Overall, expect an average of less than 3 rainy days per month; with so much sunshine you’ll need to be reminded it’s fall!

Fall St George Utah weather

Beautiful Fall St George Utah weather

Tying the Knot

Get to have the perfect fall wedding amidst breathtaking backdrops and crystal clear blue skies. St George, thanks to its dry, warm weather, is the ideal location for unforgettable spring and fall weddings.

Actually, average temperatures for September, October and November are 73 degrees F, 60 F and 47 F respectively – the ideal temperature for an ideal wedding!

Get to choose among first-rate venues and make your wedding dream come true. Why compromise when you can easily get the cream of the crop, namely St George! With so many things to worry about, having your wedding with the amazing fall weather in St George, Utah as your backdrop is the perfect ending! At least you won’t have to worry about the weather – warm, sunny and arid is all it’s going to be like!

The Great Outdoors

People from all over the US fly here because of the temperate fall weather in St George, Utah, whilst others unknowingly spend a fortune going across the globe for warmer weather. Fall here is like no other, in fact, St George has a prolonged summer and a slightly colder winter months, with sparse, to no precipitation.

In fact, rainy days during fall on average do not exceed the 2 days limit— 1.8 for September, 1.9 for October and just 1.6 days for November! This explains St George’s popularity as a top outdoors activities location.

From the World Senior Games and the Triathlon, to racquetball and soccer leagues, the city offers its visitors a comprehensive range of activities, guaranteed to suit every style. Cheerful sunshine will be accompanying every activity you partake in, ensuring that your stay in the city is nothing short of perfect. It’s no coincidence that the city has been given the moniker -outdoor Mecca.

For golf lovers, St George has become an unfailing destination for golf tournaments, no matter the season (hint: it’s always sunny)! So pack your golf clubs and head south! Read St. George golf course reviews.

Alternative Activities

Apart from the wide-ranging spectrum of sports activities, the dry, warm fall weather in St George, Utah lends itself to other types of social activities as well. Spa resorts like Green Valley at Las Palmas and selected shopping centers like the Zion Outlet Mall in St. George paint the city as an ideal getaway for a tranquil, low-pace weekend, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Extending summer is the norm at St George. With temperatures as high as 70 F and rarely as low as 45 F in November, you can see why summer is exquisitely long here! Delight in one of the many leisure pools and aqua centers dispersed throughout St George, without worrying about activity-wrecking weather! The forecast is sunny, dry and warm. Relish!

Avoid the nostalgia induced by the abrupt end of summer and the incoming winter blues with the comforting embrace of the fall weather in St George, Utah. Take in every ray of sunshine, in a city where the sun always shines!


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