March 20, 2023

Current Weather in St George, Utah

Current Weather St George Utah: Is it Still Sunny?

Wondering what the current weather is like in St George Utah? Generally St George boasts of cloudless blue skies and pleasant temperatures year-round. Even during winter, one expects dry, temperate forecasts. No, this weather is not one of the implications of environmental destruction. This summery, warm weather is largely thanks to the Mojave Desert, as its arid climate affects the current weather St George Utah.

While it is true that the seasons here are not that different from one another, one should always know of what to expect weather-wise. This is especially true if you’re a tourist who wants to have a good time. Not knowing the weather forecast can mess up your vacation. Surprisingly, knowing the average temperatures for each month suffices to be wholly prepared for St George’s weather.

  • January

St George’s winters are traditionally dry and snowless; temperatures are on average at 38?F.

  • February

The temperatures already start to heat up as early as February in St George. Valentine Day’s is always hotter here! Expect on average 44?F and scarce, if any rain at all.

  • March

What’s the current weather St George Utah? If it’s March, then St George is well into spring. Average temperatures are as high as 51?F (Yes, already!)

  • April

Spring at St George is conventionally warm, dry and sunny. People flee to St George, as temperatures reach a heart-warming 59?F.

  • May

st george weather vs salt lake city

The current weather St George Utah if it’s May is arid and lovingly sunny. Temperatures climb up to 67?F (and more if we’re lucky!) Why wait for summer, when it already here at St George’s?

  • June

When one thinks of summer in St George, the first image that comes to mind is young women striding across the streets in straw hats and airy dresses. What else could it be? The temperature is already at 76?F. If you love the summer heat, you’ll love it in the city during June.

  • July

It’s the midst of summer and it means only one thing. Blazing hot temperatures call for day-long trips to leisure pools! The temperatures are around 83 ?F.

  • August

On average, August has temperatures around 81?F. Yes, it’s going to be sunny, all the way!


  • September

Don’t expect fall scenery here at St George. It might be September, but the temperatures are still crazy hot! Temperatures are at 73?F on average.

  • October

Current weather St George Utah during October is summery! Typically, temperatures are at around 60?F, and generously sunny.

  • November

What if the calendar says it’s November? Temperatures beg to differ! A typical November day has 47?F.

  • December

Weather forecast for December has no snow, no rain, and no clouds. St George defies winter with temperatures at 39?F on average!

Looking at each month’s average temperatures is conspicuously evident that St George is almost always sunny. With rare to no-existent rain, it is not difficult to correctly guess what the weather is going to be like.

So, if you want to know the current weather St George Utah, just look at each month’s averages. Since no abrupt weather changes are common here, your trips to St George will be dry, warm and correctly forecasted!


Current Weather in St George Utah

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