March 20, 2023

Average Weather in St George, Utah

st george weather heat mapAverage Weather St George Utah: Everyone knows its Sunny!

Whether you’re visiting St George or not, a look at its average weather conditions is entertaining. You see, the average weather St George Utah, is like the average weathers of other cities! Clear blue skies, day-long sunshine, dry feet and shoes, it’s a recurring image here. In addition, it’s very consistent.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 54° 60° 67° 76° 86° 96° 102° 98° 92° 80° 64° 54°
Avg. Low 27° 32° 37° 44° 54° 61° 68° 66° 57° 45° 35° 27°
Mean 41° 47° 54° 61° 70° 78° 86° 84° 75° 64° 50° 41°
Avg. Precip. 1.1 in 0.9 in 1.1 in 0.5 in 0.4 in 0.3 in 0.6 in 0.8 in 0.5 in 0.5 in 0.9 in 0.7 in

Are you a little bit curious what the average weather in the city is like? Read on to see the averages per month.

  • January Weather in St. George

The first month of the year has surprisingly high average temperature at 53?F. Rainfall is limited to 1.4 inches and snow is practically absent – just 3.4 inches on average. This surprises a lot of people considering that it’s winter.

  • February St. George Weather

Average temperature for February is a high 44?F. Precipitation in February is scarce (1.6 inches) as is snowfall (1.5 inches). Don’t be surprised to see golf hills filled with people! In fact, a lot of people make the trip to the city during February because they miss playing golf!

  • March Weather in St. George

For March, the average temperatures are at 51?F. Snowfall is even less than February at a weak, 1.2 inches. On the other hand, rainfall is again at 1.6 inches on average.

  • April St. George Weather

Average weather St George Utah, is startlingly warm in April. Temperatures are typically at 59?F. With just 1.4 rainy days on average, April feels like summer’s here already!

  • May Weather in St. George

People say that St George is at its best during spring. With average temperatures at 67?F, St George is ideal for an early summer vacation. May has a typical rainfall of 0.6 inches.  That’s laughable for sun-lovers.

  • June St. George Weather

For June, average temperature is at 76?F.  A mere 0.7 days of rain are expected at this time. You are bound to find many young people here, having an early taste of summer sun. You now know where to get a healthy, glowing tan!

  • July Weather in St. George

In July, 1.9 days in sum are rainy. It’s more than June, but that fact is inconsequential. The average temperatures are a pretty hot 83?F.

  • August St. George Weather

For August, typical temperatures are remarkably hot. On average, the temperature is 81?F, with high average at 99?F. Summer lovers are all gathering here!

  • September Weather in St. George, Utah

St George knows no seasons. September is as cool as the sun is. Average temperature is 73?F. Ironically, the average weather St George Utah is not very average (=normal)!

  • October St. George, UT Weather

If you decide on spending Halloween at St George, bring no heavy clothing. Temperatures are still high up, at 60?F on average. Don’t even bother bringing an umbrella. Typically, October has just 0.9 days of rain!

  • November Weather in St. George, UT

During November, average precipitation is 0.9 inches. Snow is rarely seen, as it is typically snowing just 0.2 inches on average. Sunny days are not very uncommon in November. In fact, the average temperature is at 47?F and the forecast is dry!

  • December St. George, Utah Weather

Not even December will disappoint you! Temperatures during Christmas are usually around 39?F. Precipitation is scant at 1.2 inches. On the other hand, snowfall is as low as 1.9 inches on average!

The Mojave Desert climate that affects the region makes the average weather St George Utah extremely easygoing. No matter when you’re travelling to St George, sun block is a must, umbrellas optional!


Average Weather in St George Utah

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